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What We Do
Community Development

Drives community development initiatives tailored to support the Indonesian diaspora in the Washington DC metro area, nurturing a sense of belonging and empowerment through cultural preservation, educational resources, and socio-economic integration efforts.

Business Development

Actively facilitates business development opportunities for the Indonesian business community in the Washington DC metropolitan area, providing essential resources, networking platforms, and mentorship programs to foster growth and success in the local market.

Youth and Family

Dedicated to guiding Indonesian youth and families in the Washington DC metropolitan area through a comprehensive range of programs and services. These initiatives not only focus on educational and personal development for youth but also provide crucial support as they transition into adulthood, equipping them with the skills and resources necessary for success in various aspects of life.


Strategically leverages grants provided by the United States to empower and uplift the Indonesian community residing in the DMV area, implementing targeted initiatives aimed at addressing their diverse needs.

About Us

Originally founded in 1952 as an association of Indonesian Embassy employees, the organization later evolved into IKI (Ikatan Keluarga Indonesia). Initially focused on organizing social events for embassy families, IKI expanded its scope as the community grew, aiding in family settlement, job placement, and social event coordination. With time, IKI became independent from the Indonesian Embassy, establishing its own organizational structure. Recognizing the increasing community needs, formalizing IKI as a registered organization became imperative. Hence, IKI transitioned to the Indonesian American Association (IAA) and officially registered as a non-profit charitable organization in the District of Columbia in 2014.

To build a strong Indonesian American community in the DMV area

To empower the community through programs and activities that build bonds among the community members, develop the community members’ skills, and increase the economic power of the community.

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Board of Trustees

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Victor Pattianakotta



Primadona Rifai


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Butet Luhcandradini

Vice President

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Felicia Gunawan


Miemie Strickler.jpg

Miemie Strickler

Board Member

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Haris Koentjoro

Board Member

Oscar Zaky.png

Oscar Zaky

Board Member


Johanes Wahyudi

Board Member

News and Update
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