Certified Professional Food Manager Workshop & Exam

KBRI dan IAA akan bekerjasama dengan CMK Universal LLC – Food Services Training  untuk mengadakan Food Manager License Workshop & Exam sbb;

Certified Professional Food Manager Course, which enables your participants to fully understand and apply safe food handling, identify foodborne illnesses, cooking and reheating temperatures, refrigeration temperatures and discarding of food; Path of the Flow of Food and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) . This course is Nationally Accredited by ANSI/NSF Experion Course.

The Instructor profile:
Donnetta Brown is a Graduate of Johnson & Wales with a Culinary Arts/Food Service Management Degree. After schooling, she began cultivating and perfecting her passion for Food. She started off as a line cook making her way to Pastry Chef and then onto a successful Catering Service that featured her talents as a Pastry Chef. She continued her journey by growing her business as she introduced training services with which she provides Food Safety Training to industry chefs, home chefs, cooks, home health aides, restaurant and bar managers just to name a few. Along with Food Safety Training she has incorporated other training such as Alcohol Awareness, Tip Certification, and Cake Decorating/Pastry Production.

She is proficient in Upper Restaurant, Event Planning, Management, and Customer Service. Her future endeavors is to become a health inspector for the Washington Metropolitan Area. She consistently works with her community to improve food safety and help individuals to know the joy of cooking with a view to their healthy longevity.

Workshop akan diadakan pada hari Sabtu 7/28 jam 9am-5pm di Wisma Tilden. Biaya $175 termasuk material, hands on workshop, dan ujian 90 menit di akhir workshop (syarat mendapatkan license).

Peserta dipersilakan membawa contoh makanan yang akan dijual dan juga untuk makan siang.

Kalau lulus, sertifikat yang didapatkan berlaku untuk semua state dan licensee bisa apply untuk local permit di masing2 county health department (biaya berbeda2).

The certificate is good for any states for 3 years and renewal exam is $100.

Max class occupancy is 35 people. Only 12 slots left.

Thank you.